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Mamizou is a jovial but sly bake-danuki from the outside world. However, she seems to have made herself at home in Gensokyo very quickly; becoming the leader of an army of tanuki whom she can transform into different things to swing around, ride on, and other various usages to assist her in battle.

Mamizou excels at controlling space thanks to her incredibly large melee, slow moving but large projectiles, and ability to use her tanuki to snipe from afar. However due to her slowness she can get punished very easily if you aren't careful with when you put things out. As such, Mamizou is largely about patience and looking for opportunities where you can punish or setup bullet cover to help you zone and pin people down safely.


  • Bullets cover a ton of space once she manages to get them out.
  • Large normals (Her 2a is pretty good, and her 8a is just ridiculous).
  • Above average damage output.
  • Most of her combos end in untechable knockdowns thanks to 6c.
  • Can turn everyone into goofy animals.


  • Her bullets aren't very dense aside from the short ranged 6b.
  • Slow movement.
  • Most of her attacks are slow to come out.
  • Somewhat loose pressure.
  • Does a lot of drinking and smoking.

Unique Features

  • All of Mamizou's specials involve sending out disguised tanuki to attack, and if they're hit it costs her one leaf out of a four leaf meter. If all of these are lost then Mamizou will lose all tanuki related attacks for a while, which includes all of her specials and her 8a, 6a, and 2a, basically leaving her crippled.
  • Can cancel 5a directly into any of her command normals.


Input Appearance Startup Total Damage Adv On Block Stun Hit Effect Cancels Description
c.5a, 4a 150px 11f - - - - - - Enlarges her sake bottle and swings it forward; somewhat slow but has good range.
f.5a 150px 16f - - - - - - Overhead swing with her sake bottle; can hit slightly above Mamizou.
6a 150px - - - - - - - A 2 hit attack; Mamizou stabs forward with an umbrella tanuki before opening it up. Has good range and the second hit wallslams, but the umbrella extends Mamizou's hurtbox. Cannot be used if the leaf meter is empty.
8a 150px 13f - - - - - - Mamizou swings a lantern tanuki back in a massive arc over her head. The move initially launches the other player upward but floorslams instead starting from the point when Mamizou has the lantern above her head. While it's a little awkward to use, it's an amazing tool for catching people trying to dash past you or your bullets since it covers a massive amount of space and gives you time to setup more projectiles on hit. Cannot be used if the leaf meter is empty.
2a 150px 19f - - - - - - Hits up to 5(?) times; Mamizou does a small leap forward while comfortably laying on a wall tanuki and then continues towards the bottom of the screen (unless it's cancelled). Floorslams starting from the second hit. Good for cross-ups, punishing, getting to the floor quickly. Cannot be used if the leaf meter is empty.
j.5a 150px - - - - - - - Blows some smoke forwards; has pretty good vertical range.
j.6a 150px - - - - - - - Identical to 6a; beware of land cancelling the second hit, since you'll be left open if it doesn't connect.
j.8a 150px - - - - - - - Identical to 8a; very effective if the opponent is above you.
j.2a 150px - - - - - - - Identical to 2a.
66a 150px - - - - - - - Mamizou does a dashing roundhouse kick that has moderate range.
66b 150px - - - - - - - A 3 hit attack; Mamizou thrusts out an open umbrella tanuki while spinning it. Grazes bullets and has very long range. Cannot be used if the leaf meter is empty.

Dial A:

  • 5a...: c.5a
    • ...5a...: grounded j.5a
      • ...6a...: 6a, but the second hit does not wallslam
      • ...8a...: 8a
      • ...2a...: 2a
        • ...6a: 6c
        • ...8a: 8c
        • ...2a: 2c; need to be close to the floor before this works


B variants[sửa]

Sends out 6 leaves that transform into birds in a V-formation, which slowly fly forward. Aren't very dense on their own, but are excellent for bullet cover. Keep in mind that, when still leaves, they don't have a hitbox at all. This makes it easy to punish on startup and is one of the main reasons why Mamizou can't do blockstrings as well as other characters can.

5b: The birds go straight forwards

2b: The birds go upwards; useful for following up after the front hit of 8a

8b: The birds go downwards

j5b: Same as 5b

j2b: Same as 2b

j8b: Same as 8b

6B variants[sửa]

6b: Sends out a circle of clouds around Mamizou; great defensive uses since she basically just forms a meaty wall of stationary bullets around her. Also has good combo-ability since since being on top of the opponent will cause all of the clouds to hit for massive damage. In neutral this helps Mamizou a lot in projectile wars since it actually has a decent amount of density and can be used to cover her while she throws out something else. It will still lose to things like Futo's fireball or Marisa's laser, though. Also very useful against "angry hornets" that stick to Mami's face all the time and prevent her from setting up her neutral tools like Reisen, Futo etc.

j6b: Same as 6b


Mamizou has high damaging and very diverse Specials, allowing her to cover a long range and be useful in a variety of situations. This however comes at the price of most Specials being slow to come out and following the rules of the Leaf Meter.

As already mentioned, Mamizou's special attack revolve around the Leaf Meter. All of these Specials are executed by disguised Tanukis. If projectile-like specials are damaged, a disguised Tanuki will pop out and Mamizou will lose a leaf. Same goes for whenever Mamizou gets hit during any other Special that doesn't "shoot" a Tanuki outwards. When the Leaf Meter is empty, Mamizou cannot use any special abilities apart from the bullet ones.

Mamizou will lose a leaf when performing a tag-special attack and getting hit/blocking after it, unless she performs a special attack after it. This one doesn't even have to hit or get blocked etc. - you just need to perform one. Likely a bug.

Mamizou is also able to perform her special attacks outside of slave even if her leaf-meter is empty. If she loses a leaf when her leaf-meter is recharging, itll reset all progress. Taken into account with the above condition, it makes using specials out of slave when your leaf meter is empty especially dangerous.

Input Appearance Startup Total Damage Adv On Block Stun Hit Effect Cancels Description
5c 150px - - - - - - - Spawns homing, blue projectiles. Mamizou can't move during this. Cannot be used when Leaf Meter is empty.
6c 150px - - - - - - - Sends a Tanuki in a bucket forward in an arc. Fantastic for ending combos as it wall-slams. The bucket always moves around the middle lane. Cannot be used when Leaf Meter is empty.
8c 150px - - - - - - - Mamizou rides on an Amikiri with moderate speed and rams into her foe. Depending of if you use it in the upper, middle or lower lane, has different arcs. Grazes bullets in the first few frames, thus very good to attack rather spammy players. Cannot be used when Leaf Meter is empty.
4c 150px - - - - - - - Counter ability that gets triggered by essentially almost all attacks, but only triggers in the first part of it. When activated, Mamizou first stuns the enemy in a puff of smoke and then lands on their head as a statue. Leaves Mamizou vulnerable if the foe waits for the counter-phase to pass, so a risk-reward move. You can tag out of the state form after it hits the enemy and even use spellcards, which makes it very easy to confirm spellcards. This always consumes a leaf when the counter is activated. Cannot be used when Leaf Meter is empty.
2c 150px - - - - - - - 2-hit attack. Mamizou sends out an umbrella tanuki from the lower lane which first hits the enemy while closed, and then opens, sending them upwards. Appears in a set distance from Mamizou but when towards the end of the screen stops stops moving forward, allowing her to use it in corner-combos with amazing potential. Cannot be used when Leaf Meter is empty.
j.4c 150px - - - - - - - Mamizou changes into a taiko-drummer outfit and bangs a disguised tanuki drum, spawning musical note projectiles downwards which jump off the borders of the screen before disappearing. The longer you press the button, the longer she will bang the drum. Moves in an arc towards the middle lane while using it and leaves Mamizou vulnerable and predictable, making this move rather uneffective. Cannot be used when Leaf Meter is empty.
5[b] - - - - - - - - Spawns a slow moving and jumping frog projectile. Moves into the direction Mamizou looked when she spawned it.
8[b] - - - - - - - - Spawns a rabbit projectile that moves diagonally across the screen at a moderate speed, bouncing off the borders of the screen. First goes backwards upwards, and then wherever it bounces to. Useful neutral tool to catch aggressive enemies off-guard.
4[b] - - - - - - - - Identical to 8[b], but first goes downwards backwards.
bbb[b] - - - - - - - - Mamizou sends smoke-projectiles around her in a circle-like motion outwards. Very slow, and not very dense.

Occult Power[sửa]

Alien Capsule

A+B: Mamizou throws Tanuki-balls on the battlefield for a maximum of 3 being active at the same time, which also damage enemies for a small amount. Pressing 6A+B will activate the balls, releasing a disguised Tanuki depending on the color of the ball, which can deal impressive damage and can be combo'd into. Balls always rest in the middle lane; If Mamizou is hit while the ball is not resting, it will disappear and cost Mamizou a leaf. Ball trajectory can be controlled depending on the directional input. A+B will simply throw the ball forwards, while 2A+B and 8A+B will throw the ball in their respective directions.

Colors are always released in a specific order: BLUE -> RED -> GREEN

BLUE - ALIEN: stationary Alien and shoots laser projectiles pointed at wherever the enemy is located. Bullets fly in a horizontal way, but also have a bit of spread. Laser projectiles are also rather sluggish, and come out with a sluggish fire-rate. Alright damage and low Limit and pretty diverse and the "ol' reliable" of the Occult-cast.

RED - SQUID: upwards-flying Squid which by the cheer force of his spinning tentacles damages foes and even propels them upwards with him. Stays at his resting point for a short amount of time, and then takes off. The worst one, as it cannot be used as a proper combo-extender, and screws normal combos up. Is even able to reach Limit by himself. He does shine in catching enemies off-guard.

GREEN - LEAFY-BOI: Leafy-boi sprints forward horizontally into whatever direction the enemy is currently located and is also rather tall. Takes a short amount of time to reach maximum speed and is decently fast. Deals pretty respective damage, however a bit more Limit. The best for blockstrings, wakeup-game

Depending on the situation, distance etc. they all can vary in their usefulness. Throw the balls when the enemy is knocked down/distracted/cannot attack, as throwing the balls leaves Mamizou vulnerable or alternatively use them in a Combo. Then use them as a "mine", combo extender or for blockstring extensions, allowing for pressure and options in wakeup which Mami can make great use of.

Both SQUID and LEAFY-BOI do not vanish on Mami getting hit, which means one could use them as a fake-reversal - baiting a foe into hitting you, only for them to get hit by SQUID or LEAFY-BOI.


変化「分福熱湯風呂」: Transformation "Bunbuku Hot Soup Bathtub" Cost: 1000

Mamizou takes a bath and releases hot steam over her, damaging enemies with both the kettle she makes appear, but also the steam. Damage is done first by the kettle, and then several times via the Steam over her. Damage is done in a very small area around Mamizou and directly over here till the end of the screen. Little startup, decent damage, somewhat small area of effect. It's the worst one.

Mamizou 1.png
変化「百鬼妖界の門」: Transformation "Youkai World Gate of One Hundred Demons" Cost: 1300

Mamizou opens the Youkai World Gate and sends disguised Tanuki out on a march! Damage is done in an area in front of her, with the Tanuki marching on till reaching the end of the screen and is fairly high. While the spellcard is active, Mamizou is left vulnerable, which means that if you miss it the enemy can punish her. Somewhat of a sluggish startup, but has plenty of enablers.

変化「二ッ岩家の裁き」: Transformation "Futatsuiwa Clan's Curse" Cost: 800

Mamizou blows into her smoke pipe and transforms her opponent in the smoke into an animal which cannot attack. The spellcard itself does not deal damage and disables Mamizou's bullet and special attacks, leaving her with only her melee attacks. Enemies can only move (not graze) and jump, which can make it difficult to hit them once they are out of reach. Area of effect is in front of her and lingers for a small amount of time. When used in a corner and with an enemy that is fairly in air, this can be used to repeatedly strike them with melee, as it's very difficult to escape it if the attacks are timed right and enemy movements are read. Massive damage potential for a low cost, but very weak outside of corner combos given the enemies are granted free movement.

Last Word[sửa]

*宇宙機密漏洩!直ちに処置せよ*: *Space Security Leak! Deal With the Situation Promptly*

Mamizou rushes forward and uses a neutralyzer on her opponent, dealing massive damage. As it's a melee attack, Mamizou first needs to get into grabbing range. Using the Last Word outside of melee range will make Mamizou dash forward. Kinda slow unless point-blank, does NOT make Mamizou invulnerable while she rushes ahead. Very mediocre.

Team Options and Synergy[sửa]

Mamizou works both as a master and slave allowing people for easy, high damage wall-slam tag-combos with her 6c, alongside of gaining some neutral with her gigantic tag bullets.


This combination doesn't solve the weaknesses Mamizou has, but instead only enhances them at the strong benefit of even higher damage output. Ichirin and Mamizou both have several attacks that leave them vulnerable, however with their forces and specials combined, fearsome combinations can be executed such as Ichirin 4C into Mamizou 8C - making both 4C and 8C unpunishable while at the same time dealing a fair amount of damage on hit. This combination is for risk-takers and the patient kind.


This combination on the other hand focuses on filling the gaps Mamizou has in her playstyle. Sumireko allows for incredible long-range damage and pressure and also allows for impressive blockstrings with 2C, helping Mamizou to keep people under her grasp. Meanwhile Mamizou allows for Sumnireko to deal more damage alongside of Wallslams with 6C.


In the same vein as Mamizou/Sumireko, this is an alternative given you can effectively use Yukari's tag bullets to give Mamizou time to setup bullets and 5c for neutral pressure.

Tag Attacks[sửa]

Melee: 66a

Air Melee: j5a

Bullet: Mamizou throws several leaves in front of her, making a line that covers the entire screen vertically and is more dense around the middle in a pyramid shape. Fantastic neutral tool.

変化「百鬼妖界の門」: Transformation "Youkai World Gate of One Hundred Demons" Cost: 1300

Given the extreme initial speed of this spellcard it can be used to make whiffed/failed spellcards safe in an attempt to bait the enemy. Apart from that, it generally is a fairly good spellcard unless used at far/mid-ish range, given it's only fast at close range, and rather sluggish at mid given it takes a while for the disguised Tanukis to arrive. The cost is also fairly high, so using Mamizou with a Character you want to Last Word with is a poor idea.


Mamizou has high-damaging Combos that highly depend on her large normals. A lot of those can vary from character to character since they have different hitboxes, so adjustment in timing and spacing will be necessary against characters such as Nitori and Sukuna.

Depending on what playstyle you are going for, Setup-Mami focusing on high-damaging occult-combos or brute-force Mami, trying to keep your foe in-check with constant wall-slam combos.

NOTE: All ACTIVATION OCCULT combos only work with BLUE/GREEN aka ALIEN or LEAFY. SQUID messes everything up and DOES NOT WORK. In ball-form, however, they are all the same.


(5AA) 2A 2C 8D 6C - The most supreme discipline and odd to first train. This combo can be confirmed of essentially anything, anywhere and deals roughly 3000~ depending on what you do before it. It is important to do a micro dash after 2C hits and then press 6c as otherwise, 6c will come out too late. The dash essentially "resets" the timing and allows you to perform 6c in a quick enough fashion.

J8A 2/5B 2C 8D 6C - You wanna do this one under your foe and on crossup(getting Mamizou behind them), making use of 8a's massive range and floorslam on crossup.The bullets actually aren't there to hit, but instead to simply make Mamizou turn around. Deals 2800 damage and is relatively consistent, unless your foe is incredibly close to corner, then 2c will not hit. The 8D is the same as in the combo above, a micro-dash.

J8A 66A 5AA 8A 6C - This one deals a whooping 3300 damage and can work for both the frontal J8A that sends your foe behind you in an arc AND the crossup-floorslam, alongside of not requiring a finnicky microdash. It's drawback is that it can only be used on crossup if it happens relatively close-ish, otherwise 66A will not reach them, and the combo will drop.

Occult Midscreen[sửa]

Setup/Occult "Ball" combos:

5aa 8a (6b) 2AB 2c - Moderate damage, will sometimes cross-up, but 2c should still hit. 3000 DMG.

j5a 5aa 8a 8b 8 j5a j8a 2AB - Probably the best one, although sometimes difficult to pull off. With 3400 damage, on-par with the usual BnB sans the wallslam.

Activation Combos:

J5A 5AAA(1) 6AB 5AA 8A 6B 6C - Highest damage Mami can offer midscreen with 4k. Occult placement is key, and they need to be hit by the BLUE or GREEN towards you, so you can hit them again. BLUE offers the best range, GREEN the best damage. Placing the Occult around the corners, but not straight in the corners, is usually a good idea because you can use them for both the midscreen 4k combo and the corner one.

J5a 5aaa(1) 6AB 5aa 6b 6c - 4200 DMG and Wallslam! IMPORTANT NOTE: This only works with ALIEN and LEAFY at the same place! They can be used TOGETHER in activation combos to make them even more powerful!

66b 6AB 2A 2C 6C - Allows Mami to combo off 66b, which is amazing! 3800 DMG and Wallslam.


(j5A)5AAA(1) 2C J9 J5a J8a 6c - High damaging Corner combo that can even be used in a moderate distance from the wall, as long as 2c hits them. Deals 3500 damage. Very simple to execute as the only primarily user-input is the 2c and the j9 as the j8a into 6c is an autocombo when hit in the air, which means you can just press A over and over again. The (1) means that only the first part of the Umbrella apart needs to be executed.

2A 6B 2D j5A 2C 6C - Alternative version to the primary midscreen combo that squeezes in a little bit more damage thanks to corner. Deals roughly 3100 damage.

2a 5b 2 6b DECLARE 2c SPELL - Fancy mid-combo declare to follow up with a spell, preferably Transformation. Not easy to perform, and hard to confirm. Lots of style-points though.

5AAA(1) 2C j5A j6A - Deals 3300 damage. This is mostly used for setup with the Transformation Card, as it allows you to transform the enemy in the air and hit them in the air while they are an animal, making them unable to escape the first 5AAA.

Occult Corner[sửa]

Setup/Occult "Ball" combos:

j5a 5aaa(1) 2c j5a j6a 2AB - 3500 DMG Occult setup. Probably the best one and most effective as it places the Occult at a perfect position.

5aa 2a 2c AB - 3k Damage, easy to perform, Occult trajectory, arc and placement selectable, instead of going for 2AB all the time.

2a 5b 2 6b DECLARE 2c 2AB SPELL - Fancy mid-combo spell delcare alongside of the Occult. Very difficult. 2a needs to be cancelled after the first hit and all bullets must be canceled after summoning aswell via dashes.

Activation Combos:

j5a 5aaa(1) 6AB j5a 5aa 8a 6b 6c - Highest damaging Combo Mamizou can offer on her own - but also in Corner! - Deals 4100~ damage with Green and 4000 with Blue. The Occult balls need to be somewhat close to the corner, otherwise the attacks will not connect the the foe will be capable of blocking. Red cannot be used for this because RED throws the foe into the air. You can tinker around with 2c after the second 5aaa(1) and a variety of Slave-specials to push the damage even higher, to something like 4400 with Ichirin's 8c!

J5a 5aaa(1) 6AB 5aa 6b 6c - 4200 DMG and Wallslam! Same as the Mid one but also works in Corner. Just the occult placement needs to be different.

[TAG COMBO] (not related to occult)

(j5a)5AAA(1) 6B 6C Tag6C 6C - Very consistent tag combo that deals varying damage depending on your partner and also requires adjustment depending on your partner. Depending on how close you are, the clouds of 6b might cause the limit to go too high, which is why sometimes spacing is important aswell.

Combo Videos[sửa]

While all the most useful and generic combos are listed above, for further information and research of Mamizou combos, please watch the videos below.

Combo Video 1

Combo Video 2

Occult Guide + Combo Video


Mamizou has somewhat mediocre Blockstrings due to her bullets not having a hitbox at first - however she is given a different tool, 2C, which allows for very tight blockstrings which might be short and will not allow her to stick to people on any kind of pushblock, but are about as good as solo-Mamizou gets. TIGHT in this scenario means that your foe is not capable of escaping unless using Slave-tech, and that they are essentially forced to eat the chip damage.

5AAA > 2C TIGHT ( let the second hit from 3rd A hit, aka the tongue or it won't be tight )

5A > 8A > 2C TIGHT


5A > 2A > 2C TIGHT







Here, the occult is also useful, as they can be activated and used as Blockstring-extensions, aslong as you use them before 2c, they will be tight, meaning:

j5a 5aaa 6AB 5aa 6b 2c will be tight. Key is that the Occult pushes them towards you, so you get to slam them with melee again and have them in tight-range of 2c/6b.

If they do slip past the occult and the occult pushes them further away, you can 66a 2c, which is also tight.