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Antinomy of Common Flowers/Lối chơi/Hinanawi Tenshi

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== Spellcards ==
{| border="0"
| width="5%" | [[image:tenshi_0Th155TenshiSC01.png|center]]
| width="80%" | '''要石「カナメファンネル」''': '''Keystone "Kaname Funnel"''' Cost: 1000
Tenshi sends 3 waves of keystones to surround the enemy and shoot lasers at them. Deals a grand total of 2942 damage. The waves are slightly delayed, making the timing on this card pretty difficult to pull off.
| width="5%" | [[image:tenshi_1Th155TenshiSC02.png|center]]
| width="80%" | '''地符「一撃震乾坤」''': '''Earth Sign "Qian & Kun Earthquake Strike"''' Cost: 1300
Tenshi rides a stone diagonally up-forwards before slamming down on the ground, kicking up earthen pillars. Deals damage based on how far the enemy ends up away from Tenshi after the slam, from a minimum of 3245 to a maximum of 4331. This is her go-to card, as its flexible and easy to confirm.
| width="5%" | [[image:tenshi_2Th155TenshiSC03.png|center]]
| width="80%" | '''桃符「堅牢堅固の仙桃」''': '''Peach Sign "Hermit's Peach of Steadfast Durability"''' Cost: 1000
Tenshi chows down on a heavenly peach. After her snack, her attacks are uninterruptible for 4 seconds. This timer is paused if Tenshi swaps out to another character, but it does not affect the other character. Absolutely useless, avoid this card at all costs.

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