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Kutaka Niwatari
Kutaka Niwatari
Clerical God of Hell's Checkpoint
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God (Deity)

Healing throat illnesses

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Kutaka Niwatari (庭渡 久侘歌 Niwatari Kutaka) is the god of chickens and a guard of Hell. She lives in a spring atop the Youkai Mountain but goes to Higan for her job of overseeing the gateway to otherworlds such as Hell under the yama's oversight.

General Information[sửa]

Kutaka first appeared as the stage 3 midboss and boss in Wily Beast and Weakest Creature.


Healing throat illnesses

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Kutaka wears a brown dress under a short white jacket. Her jacket has an orange Puritan collar, which she wears a red ribbon over. She wears long brown boots. She has fluffy yellow wings and a bushy, feathery tail. She has red eyes and a light tan. Her hair is cut short and light yellow in color. Her head is partially covered in red feathers which are apparently hosting a tiny chick.



Wily Beast and Weakest Creature

Kutaka approaches the protagonist as she enters the gateway to Hell, claiming that she has heard of her from the Yama. Although given permission to let the outsider in, she defends the gate anyway and loses.

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