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Bản mẫu Infobox Series được sử dụng trong bài viết về một sê-ri.


{{Infobox Series
| nameJp      =Name in Japanese
| nameEn      =Name in English
| nameIPA     =Name pronunciation in Japanese IPA (with soundfile link)
| nameAlt     =An alternative name for the series, or alternative/incorrect romanization possibly in use
| image       =Probably a logo of the series
| caption     =Caption that goes under the image
| creator     =The creator of the series
| yractive    =Years active
| installments =A number of games that have been released in this series
| sub         =Any sub-series within the series
| parent      =Is the series a part of a major series
| website     =Official websites in relation to the series



The pronunciation of the name in Japanese IPA. Any soundfiles that demonstrate the pronunciation should be linked here.


The organisation that holds official canonicity of the series.


A range of how long the series has been running. e.g. 1998-present


The number of games, music or manga that is part of the series.


Any sub-series? e.g. Touhou Sangetsusei


Only used on sub-series. e.g. Touhou Sangetsusei would have "Touhou Project"