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Returning for a third foray into Touhou fighting games, the traditional old man and the stylish girl arrive on the scene! Ichirin Kumoi is a human girl turned demon who controls the giant cloud-like nyuudou, Unzan. Together as a team, these two fighters pack a serious punch. As one might expect, Ichirin and Unzan are outstanding at dealing damage. Unzan's huge fists also give Ichirin's normals amazing range, letting the duo control huge amounts of space. Unfortunately, Ichirin herself is rather slow, and her bullets are slow-moving as well, meaning she might have trouble closing in at times. She can call Unzan to help her in long-distance fire fights, but this exhausts Unzan temporarily, leaving Ichirin with extremely reduced power and range. Ichirin's normals are also quite slow to recover. Despite these flaws, Ichirin and Unzan are competent fighters who are always able strike fear in their opponents with their raw power.


  • Amazing damage
  • Normals cover a large amount of space
  • Has good melee specials to keep enemies blocking
  • Scores untechable knockdowns easily with her 6c, making her a great slave option
  • 4c is great as screen coverage option, especially when combined with tag cancels
  • Useful Last Word
  • Unzan is a total bro


  • Slow movement
  • Normals have long recovery
  • Mostly ineffective in long range fire fights without use of slave specials or 4c
  • Unzan is part of Ichirin's hurtbox, meaning attacking can put her in danger
  • Occult action is rather useless
  • Lacks power and versatility when Unzan is lost (Due to some specials *ahem* 4c)
  • Ichirin might be holding Unzan back from unleashing his devastating true power...?


Note: Moves that call Unzan will have their power and range reduced if he is recovering from 2C or 4C.

Input Appearance Startup Total Damage Adv On Block Stun Hit Effect Cancels Description
c.5a, 4a 150px - - - - - - - Standard jab, no Unzan.
f.5a 150px - - - - - - - Unzan hook. Decent range, can lead to a lot of damage on hit.
6a 150px - - - - - - - Unzan slams his fists together. Good range, but slow.
8a 150px - - - - - - - Unzan swings his fists upward. Godlike anti-air. Leads to Ichirin's highest damage combo.
2a 150px - - - - - Ground slam (with Unzan) - Unzan punches downward. Good range forward and downward but does NOT hit directly below Ichirin. No ground slam without Unzan.
j.5a 150px - - - - - - - Same Unzan animation as f.5a. Can hit behind Ichirin.
j.6a 150px - - - - - - - Same Unzan animation as 6a. Moves Ichirin forward in air.
j.8a 150px - - - - - - - Same Unzan animation as 8a. Can even cross-under.
j.2a 150px - - - - - Ground slam (with Unzan) - Same Unzan animation as 2a. Keeps Ichirin's horizontal momentum.
66a 150px - - - - - - - Unzan does a dashing uppercut. Hits fairly high.
66b 150px - - - - - Wall slam (with Unzan) - Unzan does a dashing forward punch. Grazes during the startup of the move.

Auto Combos[sửa]

Holding 4 or 6 is equivalent to 5 (no direction).

  • 4/c.5aa: Quick one-two punch without Unzan
    • a: f.5a
      • aa: 6a that wall slams (with Unzan), 6c
      • 8aa: 8a 8c
      • 2a: 2a 2c
  • f.5aaaa: f.5a 6a 6b 6c
  • j5aaaa: j5a j6a 6b 6c


B variants[sửa]

Seven onion rings that slowly arc downward. They will get beat out by most bullets but provide decent coverage. The big one in the middle does 20% stun, the rest 4% each.

5b: Throws them forward, covering her level and below. Good for mid-range pressure.

2b: Throws them downward. Since they fall off fast, not too useful unless you are high above.

8b: Throws them upward. Lasts on screen the longest and travels farthest. Throw some for coverage in neutral.

6B variants[sửa]

Onion boomerang that flies a short distance then returns to Ichirin. The ring does 10% stun when flying out, 30% when flying back.

6b: Throws one forward. Less blockstun than B rings but comes out faster. The boomerang property could be used to do some gimmicky pressure.


[b]: Unzan slams his fists with an electric spark. Ichirin loses all her momentum and moves slightly backward. Pretty big hitbox. Can be used to cover whiffed normals.

bbb[b]: Unzan glares so hard that he emits laser bullets all around his eyes. Ichirin moves VERY slowly during all this. Not too useful.

5c: Raging Running Cloud

Unzan does ORA ORA ORA. Mash C for some more ORA. Unzan turns into a huge wall of melee with surprisingly good vertical reach, stopping any jump out attempts cold. Pushes Ichirin back VERY far on hit or block, making it fairly safe. The first punches also erase bullets.

Melee, 6% stun/punch

6c: North Mountain Wind of Mercy

Unzan rushes forward and smashes his fist down HARD. Hits hard and wall slams, making it your combo ender of choice. Even outside combos, because the forward rush covers nearly half the stage, it's a great melee for tagging fools who try to disrespect you in close or mid range. Unfortunately, it is very unsafe on block, so use sparingly in neutral.

Melee, 100% stun

4c: Sunrise of Mountain Clouds

Unzan charges up and shoots a laser from his eyes. Ichirin is free to do other things, but cannot use Unzan for 5 seconds. The laser starts below unless Unzan is below the mid line. Good coverage, but Ichirin loses a lot of damage and reach while Unzan is disabled, meaning it's better for her tag partner.

Bullet, up to 30% stun

2c: Hanging Cloud's Iron Hammer

Unzan's fist drops from the sky. Ground slams. Disables Unzan briefly for 1 second. Its startup is fairly slow, so not too good in neutral. Used in her high damage combos.

Bullet, 30% stun

8c: Handful of Floating Cloud

Unzan's hand grasps upward. On hit, throws whatever he catches down for high damage and ground slam. Not actually a throw (blockable) but still great for pressure because it is surprisingly fast.

Melee, 40% stun

high j.8c: Gliding Treasured Rings

New in AoCF, Ichirin does something by herself for once and uses her rings like buzzsaws. Looks like melee but actually not. On hit, causes fairly long untechable time, allowing easy follow-up combos. A useful close-range attack while Unzan is disabled.

Bullet (but cannot jump/dash cancel), up to 40% stun

Occult Power[sửa]

Midsummer Night's Confinement

A+B: Ichirin summons Hasshaku-sama, who spawns a large ring of bullets around the enemy that fly... away from her. Not too useful.


嵐符「仏罰の野分雲」: Storm Sign "Autumn Storm Clouds of Buddhist Retribution" Cost: 1300

ORAORAORAORA. Unzan punches nearly the whole screen. The damage is a bit inconsistent but usually high. The downside is no wall slam and high cost. Somehow a bullet.

積乱「見越し入道雲」: Cumulonimbus "Foreseeing Nyuudou Cloud" Cost: 800

UNZAN ROLL. You can hold directions to move around a bit during the roll. The final hit gives wall slam. Lowest damage but cheapest. Melee.

拳固「懺悔の殺風」: Clenched Fist "Deadly Wind of Penitence" Cost: 1200

Unzan windpunch. As much damage as ORAORA and more reliable. Wall slams. Ichirin's punch is melee, Unzan's is bullet.

Last Word[sửa]

*265センチの魔人現る!*: *A 265-Centimeter Fiend Appears!*

Hasshaku-sama creates a barrier that hits everywhere except horizontally near Ichirin. Can be used to punish zoners. Grazeable.

Team Options and Synergy[sửa]

Ichirin is a great tag partner that allows anyone to get high damage wall slam combos with her 6c.

Tag Attacks[sửa]

Melee: 66a that launches. You can combo into j5a

Air Melee: j5a with longer untechable time.

Bullet: Ichirin throws many 6b rings in an arc. The rings cover nearly the whole stage vertically.

嵐符「仏罰の野分雲」: Storm Sign "Autumn Storm Clouds of Buddhist Retribution" Cost: 1300


All combos inflict untechable standing stun unless otherwise noted.


  • 5aaa2a 6c
Damage: 2466
Cost: 1 orb
  • 6a/2a/66a 6c
Damage: 2118
Cost: 1 orb
Very few options to follow up 6a in midscreen.
  • (from below) j8a 8b 8/9 j5a (j6a) 6c
Damage: ~3100
Cost: 2 orbs
The basic cross-under j8a BnB. Skip j6a if too many 8b rings hit.
  • (moving forward) j2a f5a/5aaa 6a 6c
Damage: 2992
Cost: 1 orb
  • f.5a 2a f.5a 6a 6c
Damage: 3156
Cost: 1 orb
Does not work when too far.


  • (f.5a) 6a 5aaa/f5a 6a 6c
Damage: 3205
Cost: 1 orb

2c combos[sửa]

The big bad Ichirin combos.

Possibly the highest damage meterless combos in the game, and they work from almost everywhere. These are what makes Ichirin such a scary character who can win rounds in 3 combos.

Comes in 3 parts:

  1. Combo into 2c: Almost anything that's not 2a (can't ground bounce more than once) or c.5a
    • 8a 2c
    • (anti-air) j5a 2c
    • (landing) j8a 8/9 j5a 2c
    • (near corner) 6a 2c
    • (anti-air) 66a 2c
    • (tag melee) 6E 2c
    • (tag special) 2E
  2. Link: The hard part where Ichirin has to keep the combo going without Unzan
    • 8/9 66 j5a j8c(2): Jump direction and timing of j5a and j8c(2) depends on spacing. The important part is land cancelling j8c so it doesn't limit.
    • (high) . 66 j5a j8c(2): Delay 66 to not dash past the opponent. If too high, delay j8c a bit to not limit.
    • (very low) 8 66 j5a: At some heights, you will land on middle axis right after j5a.
    • 8 66 j5a j6a 6c: For some tag combos, the other finishers are very hard. Jump higher before 66 so j6a can come out.
  3. Finisher: This part is more about knowing which one to use after specific starters.
    • 66a 6c/8c: 6c wall slams, 8c does more damage
    • 5aaa 6a6c/8a8c: Requires starters with 0% stun before 2c


  • 8a 2c 8 66 j5a j8c(2) 66a 6c
Damage: 4012
Cost: 2 orbs
Standard Ichirin 2c combo.
  • (landing) j8a 8/9 j5a 2c 66 . j5a j8c(2) 66a 6c
Damage: 4234
Cost: 2 orbs
Works from cross-under if j8a is spaced right.
  • (anti-air) 66a 2c 9 66 j5a j8c(2) 5aaa8a 8c
Damage: 4532
Cost: 3 orbs
Ichirin stronk