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Tenshi Hinanawi, the final boss of Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, is a celestial being from the heavens with the power to control the Earth itself. Tenshi wields the Sword of Hisou, and is responsible for the earthquake that leveled the Hakurei Shrine in the past, though her actions were out of boredom induced curiosity with life below the heavens.

In this game, she is a generalist character who works well in most, if not all situations. With her strong normals and wide-coverage bullets as well as strong aerial options and reliable wallslam special, Tenshi proves to be a very terrifiying opponent indeed.


  • Extremely fast and easy to connect Last Word
  • Powerful, wide-range bullets make her neutral game tough to match
  • Fast and decently ranged normals
  • Deals very solid damage
  • Able to perform wallslams reliably in almost any part of the stage
  • Very flexible slave


  • Weak corner pressure
  • Sub-optimal occult leaves her open for far too long if used incorrectly
  • A vast chunk of her kit count as bullets, forcing her to rely on her basic attacks to deal with grazing
  • Her wallslams don't really work too well when too close to the corner

Unique Mechanics:

Tenshi has no unique mechanics.


Input Appearance Startup Total Damage Adv On Block Stun Hit Effect Cancels Description
c.5a, 4a Th155TenshiSpritec5a.png 6f - 230 - 0 N.A Normal, Bullet, Special, Spell, Tag Tenshi quickly kicks forwards.
f.5a Th155TenshiSpritef5a.png 12f - 450 - 0 N.A Normal, Bullet, Special, Spell, Tag Tenshi takes a lengthy swing at the enemy with her Sword of Hisou.
6a Th155TenshiSprite6a.png 15f - 730 - 40 N.A Bullet, Special, Spell, Tag Tenshi jumps forwards, bringing her Sword of Hisou down on the enemy.
8a Th155TenshiSprite8a.png 10f - 700 - 40 N.A Bullet, Special, Spell, Tag Tenshi swings her Sword of Hisou upwards.
2a Th155TenshiSprite2a.png 13f - 700 - 40 N.A Bullet, Special, Spell, Tag Tenshi smashes a keystone into her enemy's head. Has a ton of hitstun.
j.5a Th155TenshiSpritej5a.png 9f - 490 - 0 N.A Bullet, Special, Spell, Tag Tenshi quickly swings her sword in front of her. The hitbox is smaller than the animation would suggest.
j.6a Tập tin:Th155TenshiSpritej6a.png 20f - 730 - 40 N.A Bullet, Special, Spell, Tag Similar to her 6a, except it moves Tenshi slightly more and knocks the enemy slightly further back.
j.8a Tập tin:Th155TenshiSpritej8a.png 12f - 700 - 40 N.A Bullet, Special, Spell, Tag Same as her 8a
j.2a Tập tin:Th155TenshiSpritej2a.png 14f - 700 - 40 N.A Bullet, Special, Spell, Tag Same as her 2a. Completely preserves Tenshi's momentum, so it works well with trijumps. Knocks the enemy slightly further down, but still has a ton of hitstun.
66a Th155TenshiSprite66a.png 9f - 585 - 0 N.A Special, Spell, Tag Tenshi kicks forwards with a keystone on her boot, sliding forwards.
66b Th155TenshiSprite66b.png 14f - 1170 - 40 Wallslam Spell, Tag Tenshi charges forwards, sending out a long oval of her Sword of Hisou in front of her. Disjointed, but not very helpful.

Dial A:

  • 5a...: c5a
    • ...5a...: c5a
      • ...5a...: f5a
        • ...6a...: Knocks the enemy back with her 6a, and sets up 6b 4c. Core for her easier BnB.
        • ...8a...: Knocks the enemy upwards with her 8a. Very very helpful, and part of her basic BnB.
        • ...2a...: Knocks the enemy downwards with her 2a. Useful for tag combos with enough delay, but not as good as the other two options.
          • ...6a: Tenshi uses her 6c. It's better to use 6b 4c instead of finishing the dial a.
          • ...8a: Uses her 2c. Not recommended, as you can simply cancel the BnB after the first 8a with a 6c, allowing Tenshi to jump towards the enemy after the first hit and follow up with 6b 4c.
          • ...2a: Uses her 4c. 80 stun, 2238 damage. You only really want to go this route if you have a slave that can follow up to finish the combo, such as Koishi.


B variants[sửa]

5b: Tenshi shoots 5 keystones which begin to move straight forward after stagnating a bit in front of her. The keystones spread out further the more distance they travel. The keystones take 15 frames to appear and require another 13 frames before they actually have a hitbox.

2b: Same as 5b but angled down.

8b: Same as 5b but angled up.

j5b: Same as 5b.

j2b: Same as 2b.

j8b: Same as 8b.

6B variants[sửa]

6b: Tenshi throws her Sword of Hisou at the opponent. After leaving the edge of the map, it boomerangs back to Tenshi unless she uses an attack that uses her Sword of Hisou. If the sword makes contact with Tenshi on rebound, it stops her movements completely for a brief moment. Best way to avoid this is to use one of her many sword attacks to cancel it.

j6b: Same as 6b


[b]: Tenshi throws an oversized sphere of the Sword of Hisou's blade which begins to slowly move in a straight lined aimed at the opponent, growing in size as it travels. Deals 998 damage, applies 40 stun.

bbb[b]: Keystones appear around tenshi, each one shooting a singular arc of rainbow bullets.

5c: Keystone Spinning Top Tenshi throws a keystone in front of her which remains on the screen for roughly 1.5 seconds before vanishing. Deals 787 Damage, applies 40 stun.

6c: Beams of Non-Perception An oversized keystone appears in front of Tenshi, which shoots a cone of lasers. Deals anywhere from 412 to 823 damage based on range, applies 18 to 40 stun.

4c: Heaven and Earth Press Two keystones appear both above and beneath Tenshi, who then proceeds to slam them into each other in front of her. Deals 1429 damage, applies 40 stun. Wallslams. This move is her go-to ender for her combos, as it tacks on crazy damage to Tenshi's combos and works as an extremely versatile wallslam.

2c: Sword of High Skies Chargeable attack. Tenshi readies her Sword of Hisou to strike downwards. As Tenshi charges the swing, the move begins to have a wider reach, characterized by the Sword of Hisou gaining size and playing an audio cue.

8c: Flight of the Celestial Tenshi leaps from her keystone, sending it downwards directly underneath her as she moves forwards. Deals roughly 680 damage, applies 40 stun. Tenshi is completely vulnerable during her leap, but her keystone clears most bullets. Use with caution.

Occult Power[sửa]

HAARP's Anomalous Weather

A+B: Tenshi strikes a pose as the weather turns stormy. Lightning will begin to strike directly on top of the enemy during the storm, striking faster and more numerously the closer the enemy is to the upper part of the screen, but not striking at all if the enemy remains closer to the lower part. The area the lightning will strike is telegraphed by a thin blue circle, and the strike itself is delayed quite a bit. Grazable.

During the pose, Tenshi is completely vulnerable. If Tenshi takes damage, the storm immediately ends, though any lightning strikes already telegraphed still go through. The pose itself requires 103 frames before you can act again.


要石「カナメファンネル」: Keystone "Kaname Funnel" Cost: 1000

Tenshi sends 3 waves of keystones to surround the enemy and shoot lasers at them. Deals a grand total of 2942 damage. The waves are slightly delayed, making the timing on this card pretty difficult to pull off.

地符「一撃震乾坤」: Earth Sign "Qian & Kun Earthquake Strike" Cost: 1300

Tenshi rides a stone diagonally up-forwards before slamming down on the ground, kicking up earthen pillars. Deals damage based on how far the enemy ends up away from Tenshi after the slam, from a minimum of 3245 to a maximum of 4331. This is her go-to card, as its flexible and easy to confirm.

While otherwise tied to the spell, if the initial kick Tenshi performs is interrupted, Tenshi will not lose her meter, and the spell will remain declared.

center 桃符「堅牢堅固の仙桃」: Peach Sign "Hermit's Peach of Steadfast Durability" Cost: 1000

Tenshi chows down on a heavenly peach. After her snack, her attacks are uninterruptible for 4 seconds. This timer is paused if Tenshi swaps out to another character, but it does not affect the other character. Absolutely useless, avoid this card at all costs.

Last Word[sửa]

*大気圏は我が手中にあり*: *All of the Atmosphere is Within My Reach!*

Tenshi stabs her Sword of Hisou straight into the keystone she's riding on, causing a massive semi-sphere of the Hisou's blade to appear around her. If the opponent is hit by this, Tenshi will fly into the skies before assaulting the enemy with a barrage of lightning strikes. Deals 6496 damage. VERY EASY TO CONFIRM INTO, as most of her basic attacks will be enough to confirm it. Also a very solid reversal.

The sword's semisphere is grazable.

Raw damage wise, this Last Word is the 6th weakest in the game. Also, thanks to the somewhat high cost of her spell, the power-to-cost effectiveness is not that great. But with the easy confirming, it's a pretty decent Last Word to seal the fight in the player's favour.

Team Options and Synergy[sửa]

True to her style (and weak occult), Tenshi is extremely flexible, able to perform optimally as either Master or Slave. As a slave, Tenshi can end any aerial combo with her tag air melee, following up with j5a j6a 4c. As a master, she can make heavy use of tag bullets as she uses her own wide-coverage keystones to cover her entrance and apply a lot of soft pressure on the enemy.

Tag Attacks[sửa]

Melee: Tenshi slides forwards while performing her 8a.

Air Melee: Tenshi glides slightly forwards while performing her j5a.

Bullet: Three keystones shoot out behind Tenshi, aiming at the foe before releasing a short stream of lasers. Afterwards, they fly into the enemy themselves.

要石「カナメファンネル」: Keystone "Kaname Funnel" Cost: 1000

This card, while lackluster as a Master card, shines extremely brightly as a Slave card. It's not too costly, and it can follow up almost any, if not all, spellcards.



  • j5a 5aaa8a 6c 9 j5a j6b 4c
Damage: 3181
Costs: 3 orbs
Stun: 100%, untechable
Tenshi's highest damaging mid-screen combo. This combo is meant to be used as a substitute to Tenshi's highest damaging
combo in previous versions of the game when Tenshi had a bigger hit box on her j5a.
  • (j5a) 5aaa6a 6c 9 j6b 4c
Damage: 2982 with j5a/ 2345 without j5a
Costs: 3 orbs
Stun: 100%, untechable
This combo is a substitute for people who have a hard time adjusting to Tenshi's new j5a range. This combo allows you to merely j6b rather than try and go for a j5a and miss 60% of the time.
  • (j5a) 5aaa6a 6b 4c
Damage:2945 with j5a/2486 without j5a
Costs: 2 orbs
Stun: 100%, untechable
An easier combo for people learning this character. It is still an optimal one to use.
  • 8a 9 j5a j6b 4c
Damage: 2852
Costs: 2 orbs
Stun: 100%, untechable
A good anti air combo. It is especially effective when approaching the opponent underneath because j8a has the ability to lane cancel well.
  • 9 66 j2a lc 3 j5a j6b 4c
Damage: 2852
Costs: 2 orbs
Stun: 100% untechable
A good combo to follow up with for j2a. Aside from the lane cancel drop which is easy to get used to, this combo isn't too bad.
  • (j5a) f5aa 6b 4c
Damage: 2503 (2783 with j5a)
Costs: 2 orbs
Stun: 100% untechable
One of the easiest combo for Tenshi with decent damage. Good for learning the basic of the games.
If the player is far enough after landing j5a, the consecutive hit will become f5a.


  • (j5a) 5aaa6a 6c 7 j5a j6b 4c
Damage: 3343 with j5a/ 2884 without j5a
Costs: 3 orbs
Stun: 100%, untechable
The standard corner combo for Tenshi. It is very reliable and does a high amount of damage.
  • (j5a) 5aaa6b 4c 8 6b 4c
Damage: 3762 with j5a/3308 without j5a
Costs: 4 orbs
Stun: 100%, untechable
Tenshi's highest damaging corner combo. It is also her most challenging combo to perform. Combo above is recommended, but if you get the hang of this combo, this one is a good tool for you.
  • (j5a) 5aaa6a 8b 4c
Damage: 3074 with j5a/2613 without j5a
Costs: 2 orbs
Stun: 100%, untechable
A basic corner combo for Tenshi. It's useful. Especially for players who are just learning the character.
  • 2a 6c 3 j5a j6b 4c
Damage: 2746
Costs: 3 orbs
Stun: 100%, untechable
Just a 2a starter.
  • 2c 3 j5a j6b 4c
Damage: 2219
Costs: 3 orbs
Stun: 100%, untechable
A corner combo utilizing 2c which is great to use for mix ups. 2c can easily catch someone off guard, and this combo is a great utility to use in a pressure situation. The combo only works in the corner due to the j5a nerf though.
  • 8a 6c 3 j5a j6b 4c
Damage: 2827
Costs: 3 orbs
Stun: 100%, untechable
An option if you happen to use 8a in the corner.
  • (j5a) f5aa 4b 4c
Damage: 2712 (2963 with j5a)
Costs: 2 orbs
Stun: 100% untechable
Alternative for f5aa 6b 4c. Good for learning the basic of the games.