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The main heroine of the series. A well-rounded character with strong bullets, melee special attacks and setups.


  • Well balanced character, easy to use.
  • Strong setup options to cover enemy wake-up.
  • Overall high priority and tricky movement on her melee attacks, somewhat compensating for her lack of true burst options.
  • Versatile projectile moves; can cover vertical range (5/2/8B), punish at long distance (6C), and eat weaker bullets ([B]).
  • Has several tools for crossing up opponents while maintaining pressure.
  • Excellent frame data across her whole moveset.


  • Not very specialized, and lacks powerful gimmicks.
  • Combo damage is a bit low.
  • Unfortunately lacks a true burst move, having no armor on her whole moveset.

Unique Mechanics:

Reimu has no unique mechanics.


Input Appearance Startup Total Damage Adv On Block Stun Hit Effect Cancels Description
c.5a, 4a 150px 7f - 250 - 0 None Normal, Bullet, Special, Spellcard, Tag A short-ranged, quick low kick. Comes out decently fast, but has poor vertical reach.
f.5a 150px 16f - 500 - 0 None Normal, Bullet, Special, Spellcard, Tag A gohei swing in front and above. Good horizontal and vertical coverage, and a fairly quick, strong combo starter.
6a 150px 12f - 750 - 40 None Bullet, Special, Spellcard, Tag A horizontal gohei swing. Fairly slow on startup and doesn't cause a wallslam, but causes long hitstun.
8a 150px 12f - 750 - 40 None Bullet, Special, Spellcard, Tag An upward kick which vaults Reimu into the air. Slow on startup, but has good range and works great as a combo linker.
2a 150px 14f - 750 - 40 None Bullet, Special, Spellcard, Tag A front-flip ending in a drop kick. Doesn't reach very low, but has little endlag and is a good combo tool.
j.5a 150px 12f - 500 - 0 None Normal, Bullet, Special, Spellcard, Tag A wide overhead gohei swing. Has a very large wide hitbox, and at certain heights can hit from behind, making for a good overhead crossup and combo starter.
j.6a 150px 9f - 750 - 40 None Bullet, Special, Spellcard, Tag A jumping forward kick with low knockback. Has a relatively unforgiving small hitbox with low active duration, but combos easily into her bread-and-butter combos.
j.8a 150px 12f - 750 - 40 None Bullet, Special, Spellcard, Tag A jumping upward kick similar to her 8a, vaulting Reimu slightly airborne.
j.2a 150px 16f - 750 - 40 None Bullet, Special, Spellcard, Tag A jumping front flip followed by a drop kick similar to 2a. Unlike 2a, stays active until Reimu hits center screen (only if Reimu is above center screen), making it a great overhead pressuring tool even on opponents approaching from below center.
66a 150px 13f - 550 - 0 None Special, Spellcard, Tag A forward lunge using her gohei. A decent pressure tool on wake-up due to its long active duration, but limited greatly by being one of the few moves Reimu cannot cancel the endlag on, making it a poor combo tool.
66b 150px 13f - 825 - 40 Wallslam Spellcard, Tag A heavy leaping kick with high knockback. Always causes wallslam and goes through bullets, but has very low melee priority.

Dial A:

  • 5aa...: Two of her 4a attacks.
    • ...a...: Combos into her normal 5a.
      • ...6a...: Same as 5aaaa. Combos into her normal 6a, but with an added wallslam effect.
      • ...8a...: Combos into her normal 8a.
      • ...2a...: Combos into her normal 2a, but with an added wallslam effect.

5aaa#a#a : Can be mix-and-matched to call any of the above-mentioned fourth hits of the dial, followed by a fifth hit, which is one of her specials. 8, 5, and 2 on the fourth hit will cause Reimu to use 6c, 8c, and 2c respectively.


B variants[sửa]

5b: Summons 5 homing amulets(4 small amulets and 1 big amulet) that hover for a short duration before moving forward at a wide angle.

2b: Summons 5 homing amulets(4 small amulets and 1 big amulet) downwards that hover for a short duration before moving diagonally downward.

8b: Summons 5 homing amulets(4 small amulets and 1 big amulet) upwards that hover for a short duration before moving diagonally upward.

j5b: The same as 5b.

j2b: The same as 2b.

j8b: The same as 8b.

6B variants[sửa]

6b: Needles of Persuasion. Summons needle bullets which travel in a straight line, that aims forward/downward/upward depending on opponent's position (middle lane/lower lane/upper lane)

j6b: The same as 6b.


[b]: After charging up for as long as b is held, Reimu throws out a slow-moving yin-yang orb, which grows as it travels across the screen. With no angle input, will home in on the opponent; with upward input or downward input, will ricochet up to three times before leaving the screen. This move has very high bullet priority, and is great for discouraging strictly defensive zoning.

bbb[b]: Repeatedly throws out three-long groups of five small amulets, which after a short duration move in a wide span. Good for causing minor damage and encouraging enemy approach, but cause no knockback, leaving Reimu completely vulnerable.

5c : Floating Wall Jump

Reimu summons a barrier as a foothold, then performs a forward-diagonal charging attack twice. If she performs this while on or above the center axis, she will launch first upward to the top of the screen, then downward back to center. If she performs this below the center axis, however, she will do this in reverse, launching downward to the bottom of the screen, then upward back to center.

6c : Youkai Buster

Reimu throws out fast, dense purple amulets straight forward. Deals fairly high damage and hitstun, and always causes wallslam.

4c : Quick – Witted Concentration Talismans

Reimu throws out four talismans which serve to form a large barrier a set distance in front of her. The barrier deals heavy damage, but can easily be broken if any of the four corner talismans are hit. Best used as a setup tool on wake-up, forcing the opponent to dash out immediately.

2c : Dimensional Point Rift

Reimu vanishes briefly, then reappears a set distance forward at the top of the screen, returning down to center with a dive kick. Has multiple hits and a large hitbox below, making it very useful for catching opponents in the top lane. You can also choose distance you want to go, 1C is near, 2C is medium and 3C is far, if enemy has less distance than Reimu supposed to teleport, she attacks enemy from behind, 1C only attacks behind if opponent past through Reimu's position before she appears.

8c : Mid-Air Ascension Kick

Reimu performs a wide-range flip kick. The kick is very fast and deals decent damage, but places Reimu into a free-fall until she hits center axis, making it very poor for combos.

Occult Power[sửa]

Gap in the Great Hakurei Barrier

A + B

Reimu summons a gap that filled with gravestones inside it, aimed at the opponent's location when they were called on. After a brief period of time, those gravestones will fly forward and hit anything in their path.

6A + B

A new move exclusive to AoCF. When in the middle axis, Reimu creates a wide, slow-moving circular gap which disintegrates after a long period of growth. Has a fair amount of start-up, but lasts for quite a while and thus makes for another strong setup tool at Reimu's disposal.


霊符「夢想封印」: Spirit Sign "Fantasy Seal" Cost: 800

Reimu's signature Spell Card. Summons 7 colorful orbs of light which, after a brief moment, home in on the opponent, dealing a significant amount of damage. This is a great combo finisher.

神技「八方龍殺陣」: Divine Arts "Omnidirectional Dragon-Slaying Circle" Cost: 1200

Upon activation, Reimu summons a large magic barrier of talismans with decent range horizontally and complete coverage from above and below. Great as a reversal tool as well as to catch crossups, overheads and attacks from below, but risky due to having a lot of endlag.

宝具「陰陽飛鳥井」: Treasure "Yin-Yang Asuka'i" Cost: 1000

Reimu summons a huge blue Yin-Yang Orb below and in front of her, dealing many small hits. By pressing B+C again, Reimu will kick the orb, increasing damage dealt significantly. Due to where it primarily hits, this is her best Spell Card to tag into.

Last Word[sửa]

*あんな隙間に巫女がいるなんて!*: *To Think There'd be a Shrine Maiden in That Gap!*

Reimu poses briefly, then turns to the opponent with a flip overhead. If the opponent is caught by the red gap that forms below, they are bound by a number of gaps, then torn apart by them until Reimu emerges, with the final strike. Deals an immense amount of damage. Her Last Word, raw damage wise, is kind of middle of the road, at 6636 damamge, but thanks to her cheap and useful Fantasy Seal spell card, she can have a cost-effective last word in terms of damage-to-cost when pairing with a slave with cheap spell.

Team Options and Synergy[sửa]

Reimu in general is a great assist character, and synergizes well with most of the cast due to her useful tag specials. Namely, Reimu's 2E combos with most projectile specials, and Reimu's tag 8E can be more safely used as an assist to extend/finish tag combos.

Tag Attacks[sửa]


The same as j6a, but with an upward launch common to Melee Tag Attacks. Great as a combo extender and for additional pressure.

Air Melee:

The same as tag 6a.


Throws a narrow array of homing amulets with decent hitstun. Decent tool for extending projectile combos.

霊符「夢想封印」: Spirit Sign "Fantasy Seal" Cost: 800

Can be used to make your main character's unsafe spellcard safe or add up some more damage.




  • (j5a)5aaa2a 3D j5a j2a 6c
Damage: Up to 2566; 3022 if start with j5a
Costs: 1 Orb
Stun: 100%, Untechable
  • (j5a)5aaa2a 3D j5a j2a 8c
Damage: 2602; 3061 if start with j5a
Costs: 1 Orb
Stun: 100%, Techable
  • f5a 6a (6b) 6c 9 j6c
Damage: Up to 2551; Up to ~2600 if add in 6b
Costs: 2(3) Orbs
Stun: 100%, Untechable
  • 2a f5a 6a 6c
Damage: Up to 2421
Costs: 1 Orb
Stun: 100%, Untechable
  • 8a 8b 9 j5a j8a (8c)
Damage: ~2200; ~2500-2600 if 8C hits
Costs: 1 Orb
Stun: 100%, Techable
  • (j5a)5aaa2a 3D j5a j2a SC3 Yin-Yang Asuka'i
Damage: ~3395; ~3867 if start up with j5a. Does not count assist spellcard
Costs: 0 Orb
Stun: 100%, Techable
  • (j5a) 5aaa8a 8b 8c
Damage: ~2306 (~2755 with j5a)
Costs: 2 Orb
Stun: 100%, Techable
Depending on how many 8b hit the target.


  • 6a 5aaa 5c 6c
Damage: 2858
Costs: 2 Orbs
Stun: 100%, Untechable
  • 6a/8a 5aaa 5c 5aaa 6c
Damage: 3206
Costs: 3 Orbs
Stun: 100%, Untechable
  • 2a 5aaa6a 6b 6c
Damage: ~2700
Costs: 2 Orbs
Stun: 100%, Untechable